About Us

NSC is a high-performance services company of renowned authority in the provisioning of education, training, and the development of human resources. Undertaken in response to job market needs and requirements. With much consideration to the demand for such education and training, and the appropriateness and value of the training to learners.

The NCS’s holistic approach to both the formal and informal sector, is to work with them as clients and partners in participatory development, to empower and build their capacity to demonstrate best individual effectiveness, enduring leadership in capability, and the ability to focus and execute or operationalise the required practices and changes to achieve sustained superior performance at all levels in organisations.

We provide life long learning, and endeavour to sustain and maintain world class standards, by aligning our learning and developmental programs to the National Qualifications framework.

To ensure wisdom and functional power to take advantage of the opportunities to provide a range of products/services (solutions) that will efficiently and effectively align organisational efforts to yield best quality results.

We also utilise the services of expert in various fields and work in close relationship with a range of organisations as consultant who offer auxiliary services in allied areas: KZN PPHC (KwaZulu-Natal progress Primary Health Care). Lethukukhanya Health Institute, Gauteng Lighthouse, Cape Town Lona Ulwazi Consultancy, E.Cape Mpumalanga Regional Training Trust Nazereth House & Old Age Home, JHB Floroma Old Age Home JHB Avax 30 SA c.c. New Hope Skills. Cape Town Universal Staffing Solutions, United Kingdom

NSC’s objectives are achieved through successful implementation of the following goals: Identify the various manifestations of empowerment and capacity building. Understand and define the concepts and problems surrounding empowerment policies and models for capacitating. Provide a pragmatic approach for implementing strategic plans. Monitoring and evaluation of the strategic processes of programs and projects implementation. Education, training and development objective development.

Permanent staff is: 51 Males 12, Females, 39, Youth 42, Disable 1 Expressed I.T.O% 100% Black, 76% Women, 82% Youth.

Skills and Competences

The efficiency of the products /services and solutions offered by NSC’s group emanates from numerous professionals and experts utilized in the organization. The justification of NSC’s efficiency to deliver the required services centre is the following. Well structured education, training and development programs. Appropriate skills development programs. Appropriate and comprehensive approved education, training and development. Accredited assessors, master assessors /mentors, moderators and verifiers. NSC’s high execution team is regarded as managers of learning in the management of the learning grid.

Accreditation and Affiliation